Anesthesia-Free Fillings in Woodbury

Pediatric Treatment With Solea Laser

Dental lasers are one of the latest advances in dentistry and they offer a number of great benefits for pediatric patients:

Reduced discomfort during treatment
Faster recovery times
More accurate and precise care

Say Goodbye to Dental Drills!

Woodbury pediatric dentist, Dr. Knight, is dedicated to investing in the latest dental technology to provide a stellar patient experience and better results. With laser therapy, your child can get treatments like dental fillings without the use of a traditional dental drill. Our Solea Laser also speeds up healing time so your little one can get back to being a kid as soon as possible!

Solea Dental Lasers

 We use Solea lasers at our office to ensure pain-free fillings, reduce treatment time, and speed up the healing process.

No More Drilling

Laser tools can often be used instead of traditional dental drills, which helps keep your child more comfortable during their treatment.

Anesthesia-Free Fillings

Laser treatment is so gentle that many dental procedures do not even require numbing.

Modern, Pediatric Dentistry

the treatment process

During treatment with laser therapy, Dr. Knight will use a specialized dental laser in place of a dental drill. Lasers can be used for most treatments that traditional dental drills and other tools are typically used for, such as removing decayed enamel before a filling. Laser therapy is much less invasive compared to other dental tools, and they cause little pain or discomfort.

The Benefits Of anesthesia-free fillings

At our office, we use Solea dental lasers to provide the highest-quality pediatric dentistry in Woodbury.

  • Laser therapy is minimally-invasive and causes no pain or discomfort. In many cases, your child will not even need to be numbed if they’re being treated with Solea laser therapy.
  • Solea dental lasers are also more precise than traditional dental tools, which allow Dr. Knight to provide better results. 
  • Since the Solea laser is more precise and minimally-invasive, healing times are reduced after treatment.

why we love drill-less dentistry

Laser therapy is perfect for pediatric dentistry. Treatments performed using lasers have a lower rate of complications and cause less pain and discomfort. There are also no vibrations or intimidating sounds caused by the laser, which can often lead to anxiety in young children. For these reasons, Dr. Knight has invested in laser technology to ensure that every patient has a positive experience in our office.

Anesthesia-Free Fillings FAQ

Is Laser Therapy Really Pain-Free?

Yes! In most cases, laser treatments do not require numbing. However, individual pain tolerances may vary. Laser therapy is always less invasive and more comfortable than treatment with traditional dental drills, but some patients may experience some discomfort. Numbing is typically recommended for patients with a low pain threshold.

Is Laser Therapy Right For My Child?

Laser therapy can be used for most treatments at Knight Pediatric Dentistry, but it’s not right for every child and every procedure. We recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Knight to find out more.

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